Ableton Live Hybrid Drumming

Why is Ableton Live the best DAW for hybrid drummers?

Why Ableton Live?

Hey there, so here’s a short article on why Ableton Live is the best DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) for drummers.

Well, just like any other audio software you can use Ableton Live to record and edit audio and use different built-in instruments and effects as well as third party VST’s and AU’s.

The thing that makes Ableton Live special is the different views it offers. There is an arrangement view and a session view. The arrangement view is the horizontal layout we know from all the other DAW’s. Your audio and midi content plays from left to right and your tracks are stacked from top to bottom. (Figure 1)


Figure 1: Ableton Live – Arrangement View

Session view is the game changer! It shows your tracks from left to right and your audio and midi content can be arranged in small blocks called clips (Figure 2). These clips enable you to launch your audio content on a tempo-synced-grid. Meaning that your loop will start playing on the 1 of your next bar even if you hit it on the 3 of the previous bar. This insures that your performance will be tight w-  hatever happens. This is a life saver!


Figure 2: Abelton Live – Session View

This feature is called “Quantization”. You can quantize your loops to the next bar, whole note, half note, 1/4 note, 1/8th, 16th or you can turn quantization off and launch loops on your exact hit.

So if you already play to a click track, playing with Ableton Live will be like second nature to your drumming. And with time you’ll find yourself expand your drumming with the countless other features of Ableton Live.

Stay tuned for videos that cover Ableton Live.

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