About me

Hi, my name is Aram Khlief and i was born in Damascus (Syria) and moved to Jordan at the age of 8. Since 2003 i have been living and enjoying life in Germany. I have a degree in Biology from the University of Bonn.

I’m a self-taught drummer based in Cologne (Germany), I had a relatively late start as a drummer, I started at the age of 16 and got my first drum kit at the age of 18.

The first band i had was a punk-rock band, from there i got into a metal band then to a few alternative-rock bands. My current Bands are dyrtbyte (live electronica duo) and Geist (progressive-rock). For more information on my bands click here.

In my bands, I have always tried to look outside the box and learn new things like dmx programming (to be able to program my own light shows). And with time I have grown an interest in electronic music and music production. And that’s where a new world of possibilities opened up! Hardware, software, effects, controllers, etc… After i started exploring the possibilities of Ableton live, i immidiatly knew, that this was the future of not only drumming, but making music on the drum set!