Midi Messages

Midi Messages:

There are three kinds of Midi messages that are most important for us:

– Midi Notes
– CC (control change)
– PC (program change)

1. Midi Notes:
Midi notes help you play sounds form your hardware and software instruments.

Playing a piano sound with a midi keyboard controller.
Playing drums sounds with a midi pad controller or layering drum sounds with your triggers.

2. CC messages:
Control change messages help you control standard parameters like volume and panning or effect parameters.

Changing the volume of your layered snare sound.
Controlling the reverb on your drums.

3. PC messages:
Program change messages give you the ability to change presets on your hardware and software instruments.

On stage, you can change the presets of all your band mates on stage with a click of a button (Keyboard sounds, guitar effect presets). Makes it very easy to change all sounds from one song to the other.