Hey there,

i’m sure you’ve heard of midi before, but what is it exactly? Let’s take a closer look and get all your questions answered!

Midi stands for Musical Instrument Digital Interface, the simple description is something like this: Midi is a protocol for instruments, effects, computers and controllers. It allows these different devices to communicate “musically” with each other. So if you own an instrument with a midi input, that means that you can control it with another midi device. If you have a Keyboard with a midi output, it means that you can use it to control other midi instruments!

So it’s a standard, that all manufacturers of “electronic” musical instruments have integrated in their products. So your instruments are able to communicate via Midi, regardless of their make/brand. You can hook up a Korg controller to a Roland synthesiser. No problemo!

Most new controllers and instruments support midi over USB. So instead of connecting your midi controller to your computer through a midi interface or an audio interface (with a midi input), you can plug the controller directly to your computer via USB.


So if you’re asking yourself: Do i need to understand Midi?
The Answer is: Yes and No!

If you are satisfied with a plug and play kind of approach and you don’t want to know what happens behind the scenes, don’t bother!
But if you want to go a step further with your hybrid drumming and unleash all the possibilities that software and samplers offer, you’ll find a general knowledge in Midi to be very helpful!

Check out my videos on Midi for more information on this subject.